Many People Underestimate Street Artists

Street artists can sometimes find it hard to find places to showcase their work. This is troubling because some of these people are incredibly talented and have a great amount of work to show. Many people underestimate street artists however, there are gigs and events in which specifically cater to those who participate in street art and would like to showcase their work. This is important because it gives those talented individuals a chance to display their work to the public for viewing and appreciation. Some of these artists are self taught which adds an interesting flare to their work often times.

Galerie F, located at 2381 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago, IL is a space dedicated to showcasing street artists paintings and other forms of art work. This unique gallery is open to the entire city of Chicago. It is the first gallery to have an open door policy and space for the street artists of the city. The gallery is open from Tuesday to Sunday 11am-6pm. There are no appointment requirements, simply find their updated contact information on and give them a call. The goal of the gallery is to contextualize the street art printmaking. They want to accomplish this in the contemporary art scene, thus, promoting artists locally and also internationally.

The community surrounding the gallery as well as the city of Chicago as a whole, play a vital role to Galerie F achieving its mission. All are welcome to browse through the collections and print archives. The gallery offers an extensive collection of posters such as gig posters, art posters, and more items such as collectibles.

Billy Craven, the owner of Galerie F, is an incredibly active and practicing artist. He lives and works in the heart of Chicago. Gig posters and vintage photography clippings are this artist’s specialty. Common themes amongst Craven’s work include the following: cycling, skateboarding, and politics.

These truly inspire him and his printmaking patterns and more importantly, aesthetics. Graffiti has also inspired a great deal of Billy Craven’s photography. As the owner, he believes that contemporary art, especially street art, plays a central role at the gallery. Street artists, solo groups, and group shows are all hosted at the gallery. It is Billy’s goal to somewhat blur the lines of fine art and street art. He is using Galerie F to achieve just this.

The Director of Galerie F, Laura Arnold, has an extensive background in arts as well as event management. She has a background in photography and graphic design as well as illustration and screen printing. Galerie F would be seriously lacking if it wasn’t for Laura’s consistent energy and direction which certainly drives the gallery as a whole. Laura is organized, which is something many artists are not. She has an eye for fine details. Her enthusiastic attitude helps to center the gallery while keeping it driving forward with great momentum. Laura’s favorite part about the job is that she gets to be part of something that involves the community.

Not only does Galerie get the community involved in art, but it invites everyone to just simply enjoy art. You can be an avid art collector and enjoy the street art featured in the gallery. Or, you could be someone who have never owned nor have painted at any point in your life and you will enjoy all that Galerie has to offer.

This gallery is more than just a generic art museum. It involves and thrives on the public connections surrounding it. Street artists will find this gallery incredibly helpful in showcasing work and getting the public to interact and enjoy the art from the contributing artists.